Friday, December 07, 2007

Visit from back home

October and November are known as some of the best months to visit Nepal and I certainly benefitted from this with visits from back home.

The first visitors were my parents who spent almost three weeks here before we all went to Thailand to meet up with my sister and her family.

We had three great weeks in Nepal with lots of good experiences. Though living here I seldom have the time to play tourist and I really enjoyed being able to enjoy the pleasures of Nepal with my parents.

We saw what is supposed to be seen in Kathmandu, went trekking in the Himalayas, saw the birth place of Buddha, went elephant riding and spent some time relaxing in my home in Nepalgunj.

Shortly after parting with my parents the next visitor arrived, my good friend Hans. We went on some crazy white water rafting in the cold waters coming from the mountains of Tibet! Hans turned out to be quite the extreme sport person with Canyon Swing, Paragliding and bike cycle safari followed by a more relaxed elephant ride in the jungle where we managed to disturb two rhinos in the middle of a mating ritual.

It has been great having visitors from back home and I hope for many more in the future….

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